No more monkey business

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If you haven't jumped in an participated in Candace Haven's Fast Draft Workshop at Romance Divas -- You should. I've been trying my hand at writing at least 20 pages a day, but due to my heavy work week I reserve bulk writing on weekends. I have, however, been working on several projects at various times of the day so I would think they'd add up to at least 20 pages. :) This weekend may prove to be a challenge as I'll be in Disneyland all day Saturday. I know I'll have a grand time there...brings me back to my childhood days at Disney World... LOL

I'm thinking I will be at page 100 on my current RomCom by Sunday evening if I haul butt the rest of the week. I'm focusing on Kensington's new erotic line for this one. I can say it's fun and going extremely well. Now, all I need to do is trap myself indoors and write.

Check out Candace Haven's new book Charmed & Dangerous -- It's kickbutt fun! So I'm sure you'll love it.

Lastly, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with my friends and family in Texas and New Orleans. I wish you a safe journey and hope that you will be protected from Rita.

As well, my prayers are always with the troops overseas.

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Silma Says :
8:46 PM

Have fun in Disney!

Annalee Blysse Says :
3:08 PM

So, how was Disneyland? I told my nephew we'd drive down and spend a long weekend in LA and I'd take him. I haven't been there for nearly 10 years.

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