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You know it's a crappy Monday when it's dreary outside, the wind is whipping your nicely coiffed hair, and you wish you'd worn a turtleneck instead of a lowcut blouse. Okay, I like to dress in the dark. Is it so wrong to not lay out your work clothes the night before? I tend to sleep to the very last minute, roll out of bed and grab whatever I think is color coordinated in complete darkness. Just relying on instincts and my ability to see in the dark. Okay, most days I look decent but there have been quite a few days I regret getting rid of my expensive suits from when I was a Director. These days I work for Corporate and I look like a slob. Can't help myself. I refuse to buy any more expensive suits when I know the day will come when I'm working from home in my bunny slippers and PJs. I could use that money to buy my espresso machine.

On a good note, I'm moving along well on my RomCom and it's really really good. I just love my hero. He's the stuff chivalry are made of. He's a hunka-hunk! Moving onto the next topic... Kristen loaned me an ARC of Ronda Thompson's "The Dark One" from the Wulf's of London series. Can I just say it's absolutely wonderful! This woman has a way with words. Not only is the hero to die for, the stuffs hot!!!!! It's released in November and you have to read it if you're a fan of Regencies and paranormal. Even if you're not, it's that good!

I've decided to change up the home page of Romance Divas. We're starting a new promotional program for published authors. I'll have it up and going by the end of the week. We're getting close to our one year anniversary and we're hoping this will help in keeping us going another year. So, all you published writers out there, contact me if you want to know about how you can become a Sponsor of our site.

What you'll get:

Your name on our home page noting your AFFILIATION / SPONSOR status
A promo page with your photo, book cover, ISBN/Release date, etc.
Link to your website
Monthly group newsletter to send out to your readers notifying them about upcoming releases.

It's a great promo idea, you'll see!

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Laura Says :
7:35 AM

Hon, I dress in the dark too. Well, it usually is dark at 5am! But then, I'm only going to the gym.

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