What a day!

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Lisa evacuated to escape the blazing fires that inch closer to her residence. She packed her beau, dogs, cats and valuables and headed to her father's house. I hope the fire will be controlled or smothered before it reaches her home. It's a horrible thing and although I'm not sure how it was started, I feel for everyone who may lose their property. I just hope they escape with their life.

On another note, I spent most of the day re-arranging other people's blogs--including my own. I wonder if they'll notice. LOL

I went to a movie screening of Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It was held at a place called LA Center Studios which is a large movie production / sound stage place. Most of the movie was filmed there. I had loads of drinks including Cosmopolitan's and Corona's and appetizers. Then before the movie was screened we saw the producer of the movie and the emcee who gave away prizes. Ten people were asked to come up on stage if they thought they were Reese experts. Well, I sauntered up because my friends urged me there. Unfortunately I was the last man standing because everyone won prizes. Guess I'm not a Reese expert after all. On the last trivia which had a grand prize of a nice poker set...I answered the most obscure question on her.

What famous person in history is Reese related to?

Jeez, could it be any easier. I blurted out JOHN WITHERSPOON. He signed the Declaration of Independence! Woohoo, I WON.

So, I drove home all happy inside because I came out a winner.

The most exciting prize of all? My RomCom is my dream project and my muse has been more than happy to comply.

6 Responses to "What a day!"

Silma Says :
12:13 PM

Sorry to hear about Lisa! A fire. That's scary. I hope she is alright. Woohoo to you for winning! So, how was the new Reese movie? *vbg*

jax Says :
12:38 PM

AWESOME! I love that movie because it's so sweet. And Mark Ruffalo is a wonder leading man in an average sort of way. It's a happy feel good movie and that was what I expected.

Annalee Blysse Says :
2:01 AM

Hope all goes well for Lisa.

Donna Grant Says :
9:57 AM

Give Lisa my love and tell her I'm praying for her. I hope her house escapes any damage.

And congrats on the win. I would have loved to see you up there. :D

I just know this RomCom is going to be a big hit everywhere!

Eva Gale Says :
11:58 AM

I'm confused. Last night when I checked your blog it was different-now the same old....

Howz L?

Bonnie Ferguson Says :
8:01 PM

I hope everything is all right.

Yay on the win and woo hoo that you're loving your RomCom.

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