Gotta love hockey

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I scored two primo tix to the LA Kings vs the Carolina Hurricanes last night and it was un-f-in' believable. My seats were two rows behind the plexiglass walls and we could see, hear, and experience the after effects of hockey brawls. It was GREAT!

J. and I loaded up with $10 beers the size of a big gulp and two hot dogs (mine was Chicago style) that were twice the size of a regular one. For $7.50 I really expected it to be gigantuan. Anyways, the place was packed by diehard fans in the hockey jerseys, beanies, and foam hands. Gosh, I love live sporting events. People are nuts and you gotta love it.

The first quarter was a real snoozer and if you've never been to a hockey game, it's slow! I don't think I've been to a game where it was past 5 points. Well, needless to say. We were at 0 to 1 for a good while before I chugged my beer. In the second quarter we were 2 to 3 which was fantastic with all the pushing, shoving and me chanting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" -- Then I started to freeze my assets off because the ice rink was COLD. But through the intense last quarter I was into the game. We would have tied except for the great catch by our rival. It was a true bummer.

Enough about hockey. Still no baby from Briana. My dear is totally bummed she's so close, but still praying to get it over with. Anyways, things are good. I'm finishing up my short for this contest and I'm gonna get back to speed with the RomCom. At least I'm writing.

Tonight, hubby and I are going on a date to THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA! I can't wait! It's one of my all time favorite stories turned to large screen adaptation. I am counting down the hours before I get the heck outta here.....

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Eva Gale Says :
8:53 AM

How was it?

I have Hannah reading the book now so she can go see it. Josh loved the series and so did I.


Adrienne Kama Says :
1:10 PM

Yeah, tell tell? How was the movie?

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