Weird weather

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California is suppose to be sunny.

This year it feels like the cold season isn't going to leave us. I love sweaters, turtlenecks, and boots like most women..but this is getting ridiculous. Throw in some rain and I feel like I'm in Seattle. LOL I'm tired of bundling up but the freak that I am, I tend to choose my flip flops over my tennis shoes. Poor little toes get frost bitten, but hey, that's the sacrifice they make for being a part of my body.

Anywoo, as I count down the days until I am away from corporate I notice the pattern in my new department..they keep handing me more work and expect me to do everything before I leave. Well, tough. I'm going to do what I can but I'm not going to kill myself over it. Thank you very much. Besides, I need to dump my desk. Trust me, you don't know what a pack rat like myself can harbor... yuck! The horror.

Okay, not much to say. I haven't written in almost two weeks, but I will real soon. I have to or my co-writer will beat me into submission. I did query some agents, does that count?

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Eva Gale Says :
11:53 AM

You have ritten three books and a couble of shorts in one year, plus the websites. Two weeks of off time won't kill you.

See? I told you - you need to be yur own boss. No one cracks the whip harder on Jax than Jax.

Eva Gale Says :
11:54 AM

Was that a test? Did spelling count? Faulty typing.

jax Says :
12:50 PM

I have just deducted points. LOL

You crack the whip harder than I do!

Eva Gale Says :
12:09 PM

Moi? No way lady. I can't keep up with you .

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