Guess What?

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I landed a gig for a month in Publicity at Paramount Studios! What will I be doing? I'll tell ya.. I'm helping organize the Premiere for Mission Impossible 3!!!!!!! What do you think that entails? Working the red carpet, baby! That's right! For the next 30 days, I'll be learning the ropes, running around, pitching in... I'll be immersed in the entertainment industry in the event coordinating and this is going to be like no other event I've helped planned before. For the next 30 days, I'll give you updates on what I'm doing, who I meet, and the inside scoop on working my buns off in this job that so many are envious about. I think it's never as good as it sounds..but I'm willing to give you the truth behind this responsibility..and if it's boring, I'm good at fabricating. LOL

Hope you come back to read my adventures. Wish me luck..hope I get to run into some celebs and perhaps make contact and land something wonderful!

I'm out!

3 Responses to "Guess What?"

Kristen Painter Says :
9:59 AM

Have fun! It's gonna be a strange and wonderful trip!

Faith Says :
3:56 PM

Major cool!

Silma Says :
8:26 PM

No way! That's so cool! If I give you my cell phone number, can you have Tom Cruise call me from the red carpet? *lol*

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