I'm baaaaack!

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My trip home was a real joy.

I had to pay an additional $25 because my luggage was 8 pounds over the weight limit due to all the books I was toting back. The plane ride from Atlanta to Dallas was rather painless, but upon arriving, it was difficult to find the right terminal to my connecting flight. Once I boarded, there was a 45 minute delay due to a runway being closed at LAX, and they were working off of just one runway. Then there was an additional 20-40 minute delay because of the plane's flight order caused by the delay. When we landed in LA, the docking area had a malfunction and the steps wouldn't reach the plane which was another 15 minute delay... I dragged my two luggages, a heavy laptop, and a purse that weighed a ton to the flyaway shuttle where I waited 45 minutes for my trip back to the my neck of the woods....oh joy joy.

Was I traumatized? Yes.

Am I excited about next years conference? Hell yes!

I can't explain it, but there's just something incredible, electric, energizing about being at a place full of creative people...surrounded by talent and eager writers wanting to make their mark and hoping to see publication in their future. There's something magical about meeting professionals in the industry and trying to get an "in" without fear that you'd be a burden to those editors and agents if you spoke to them....

Well, conference is a wonderful adventure and I think all writers should attend at least once. It's nice to be surrounded by writers with the same goals, dreams, and ambitions as those at the RWA Conference. Thanks for making it such an enjoyable event!

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Shelli Stevens Says :
12:45 PM

I had so much fun at the conference! It was fabulous meeting you HEAD DIVAS! You're the best!!

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