RWA, here I come!

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As I pack and get ready for my flight to Atlanta, I begin to panic that I will forget something. This year, I'm going more casual than usual and I'm hoping I'll be able to kick back and enjoy myself. I've got an agent and editor appointment and many wonderful friends to meet up with. I know the week will fly by, but I can't believe I've counted down since January for this, how fast time flies. I'll try to report in but chances are I'm going to be too cheap to pay for internet access. From what I hear, it's going to be outrageous unless I find a coffeehouse with free wi-fi there... So, for those of you who will miss out on the wonderful conference...I hope you enjoy yourselves and behave until I return.

Have a good week!

2 Responses to "RWA, here I come!"

Laine Morgan Says :
11:34 AM

Have fun! I wish I could be there!

Bella Tyler Says :
11:16 PM

Have a lovely time at RWA.

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