What Women Do

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I swear women put themselves through so much, and all in the name of beauty!

Conference is just around the corner, I've got a celebrity awards show to go to on Sunday, etc...and it got me thinking about personal grooming. I'm thinking that while I'm in Atlanta I'd lounge out at the pool when it hit me that I wouldn't want to be seen in public without having had a good wax. Funny thing, Romance Divas recently had a whole topic in Chit-Chat about waxing vs. shaving. It's quite interesting really..so I booked a trip to Pink Cheeks, an ultra fabulous salon famous for waxing the likes of Pam Anderson. You gotta love L.A. and it's support of beauty!

This bit of info below came from an April 2003 Los Angeles Magazine article by Tamar Brott about my waxing salon. Supposedly, this is the first salon in L.A. to invent invent the "The Playboy"!

...Cindee Esser-Thorin, whose motto is "Where there's hair, we're there," never advertised the Playboy nor was it her idea in the first place. But she enjoys telling the story of its creation, which, as in all satisfying creation stories, can be pinpointed to one particular moment.

That is the moment Pamela Anderson came in and said, "Cindee?" and Cindee said, "What?" and Pamela said, "Can you wax my lips?"

Back then Anderson was still the "Tool Time Girl" on Home Improvement and Pink Cheeks was primarily a facial salon, whose name was meant to signify youth and good health, that only did the occasional bikini wax.

Esser-Thorin was understandably horrified. "I said, `Your lips? On your hoochie?'" she recalls as if it were yesterday. "And Pamela goes, `Uh-huh!' and I go, `Oh, Pamela, no way! That's going to hurt, sweetie.' And she goes, `Please, I'm so tired of shaving.' And I said, `No,' and she goes, `Please!'

So I waxed her there, and it was beautiful! This nice little V in front with her lips clean. And then she goes, `Cindee?' And I go, `What?' And she goes, `Will you wax my butt?' I said, `Your butt? Your winker?' And she said, `Yeah,' and I said, `Oh my God, whatever!'

So I flipped her over on her hands and knees and slapped her little winker with wax, and--yank, yank--she was clean as a whistle. And it was like, `Oh my gosh, girlie, you're on to something.'

Here's more info than you'd like to know about this place as written by the Village Voice...

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Babe King Says :
3:40 AM

So you'll be waxing lyrical, or should that be waxing hysterical. Anywhere the sun don't shine should be left grow what hair it will in my book.

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