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I can't seem to keep track of it. It's true, the years seem to be flying and we're approaching 2007 already!!!! Can you believe it? I don't know why I was thinking about it. I guess it's this new job. It's like going to Vegas and sitting at the slots all day with A/C piped in and no windows for you to keep track of time...yes, it's like that for me EVERY DAY. Hummmm, it's Friday night and I should be out hanging at bars with my buddy Jess but he's out partying without me. Am I getting old? I start to count my friends. I have two good girl friends here and that's it. How sad when the only other girl pals I have live in different states, so that doesn't help me there when I want girl's night. Oh well. I guess I'll settle for my Smirnoff black cherry or raspberry wine coolers and watch the DVDs I bought several weeks ago. Maybe stuff my face with Starbuck's Coffee ice cream. Speaking of ice cream...there's this yummy yummy Gelatto shop that opened up in my little neighbor to die for! It takes be back in time to those days when I was roaming around the streets of Paris. There was one little Gelatto shop near Notre Dame that we had stood in line for like 45 minutes for two dinky scoops that cost us $6 American dollars. It was well worth it. Well, all this talk of ice cream is making me want some.

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Wendy Wootton Says :
2:52 AM

Wow, I know what you mean about the year flying by! I don't know where the months of 2006 went, and I don't have nearly as much to show for them as I hoped. Must do better in '07!

That evening of DVDs, icecream and wine cooler sounds good to me! Shame that we live so far apart... or I would drop in! :)

jax Says :
12:04 AM

I have to go to London and hang with you so you can take me to all the cool spots. Maybe next year! :) Glad you stopped in.

Bruno Bellamy Says :
12:57 PM

The ice cream shop in Paris was the famous Berthillon, in the central island of "Ile St Louis", the oldest part of Paris, on the Seine river.
They're quite expensive, but they have unique flavours, and of course it's so typically parisian... ;)

Kristen Painter Says :
10:17 AM

I miss you being around here, but I know you need to be home.

jax Says :
10:24 PM

Thanks Bruno. I couldn't think of that place but I totally remembered it and loved it. Glad I got to experience gelato in Paris with you! :)

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