When Inspiration Strikes

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It's apparent that I hate my job. I have one of those bosses that makes me feel like I'm no better than the icky stuff found in your bellybutton when you forget to clean it...maybe even more ickier at times. Being born with a silver spoon, he doesn't know how us real working class folks live. Not only is he a tyrant... and condescending... and arrogant... and an insensitive jerk ... he totally takes me for granted. I work about 14-16 hour days, my commute is an hour each way. I barely have a pee break and if I'm missing for 5 seconds he's having the office hunt me down. So, being a personal assistant isn't all it's cracked up to be. The perks and money doesn't out weigh the personal slavery...and that's the truth!

So, I've come up with a brilliant idea! I think that if I quit, I can find a way to survive for at least a month or two on donations. Heck, if that girl who was a shopaholic could pay off her debts in donations..I should be able to get something so I can quit my bloody job...LOL

Here's my game plan...get donations to help pay a month's worth of rent and then I can walk into my office and tell my boss to go to hell... :) Sounds simple enough. I'm so brilliant....haha!

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Eva Gale Says :
12:57 PM

You want for me to come out there and smack him for ya?


Sorry I missed your call this morning. Hang in there.

jax Says :
10:53 PM

No problem. I'm sure the 6 rolls of duct tape and gasoline tin I ordered will help make me feel better. **muahahahaha**

Merlin Says :
8:30 AM

"Go Man U " - did you really say that?


Hulles Says :
1:27 PM

Yeah, hang in there. I recommend you also order a washtub and a couple sacks of concrete - baby needs new shoes.

Merlin Says :
4:56 AM


Maybe I'm being stupid ( actually I am stupid) but if you're a graphic artist, co-founder of romancedivas.com and an author (and married )what do you need a job for ?


Sela Carsen Says :
2:49 PM

Because if Jax didn't have 18 different things going on in her life all at the same time, the universe would implode. Seriously. Black hole. *gg*

You know I loves ya, babe!

jax Says :
11:57 PM

Yes, I really said "Go MAN-U"... you think I don't know? As for having a job, it keeps my OCD on track otherwise I'd be bored stiff. I'm what you call an overachiever.. LOL

Yes, my head would implode if I didn't do 18 jobs at once. Luv ya too Sela!

Merlin Says :
11:18 AM


OCD ? Wassat please ?

We have different philosophies on life. I do my best to under-achieve and I fail.

This means that we probably end up in roughly the same place via different routes!


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