Dreams do come true!

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Where do I begin? Never would I have believed I would walk into an interview and discover it possessed everything I've wanted in a career. It's an exciting feeling to know that each day I'll be working in the coolest, most creative, and incredibly innovative company! Yes, I left with a job offer on my first interview after just quitting on Tuesday! Can you believe it?! I know I've told a handful of my friends but it's really like walking onto the set of "Devil Wears Prada" without the catty people and the mean-ass boss. Nila (what a great name) is not only elegant and posh...she's also down-to-earth and appreciates employees who wants to advance. So, on top of being fashionable in my position, I'm getting benefits that ROCK and a pay increase to boot! Who could ask for anything more! This is the happiest day of my life in a long time. :)

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Portia Da Costa Says :
5:00 AM

Wow, Jax, that is fabulous news! I'm so glad you've found this great job so soon!

All the very best with it.



jax Says :
11:08 AM

Thanks Wendy! I'm still estatic and a bit hungover from all the partying last night. Today, I wish we had the day off as it's Good Friday..but, alas, I must work.

Sela Carsen Says :
1:42 PM

WOOHOO!!!! See?? I told you so!!! Tried to call you yesterday, but you must have been busy accepting your job offer!!

Michelle Says :
2:04 PM

Wow Jax - I've been thinking of you all week and praying for the best for you. You've been working your butt off for so long.

Woohoo - you go girl!

L.K. Campbell Says :
3:48 PM

Congratulations, Jax! Nice guys...er...gals do finish first once in a while.

Hulles Says :
8:16 PM

Congratulations Jax. I hope it all turns out well, and it's so nice to hear that you're happy.

jax Says :
10:16 PM

Y'all are the best group of supporters! I am in a lot better spirits, the fear sets in on how well I'll perform. I can grow up to be like Meryl Streep! LOL

Lara Santiago Says :
12:37 PM

Woo Hoo!!!
I'm so happy to hear it.
And here I thought being a fabulous romance writer was the best job you ever had. ;)

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