New career, new toys, new deadlines...

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I landed this fabulous job and what do I do? I run out and buy a nice new toy! Yes, I finally picked up a professional camera for my hobby. I figure it's a great stress reliever and a great way to make some extra $$$ on the side. I've always loved photography since I was a wee lass and this was a great way for me to finally indulge. Of course, it's going to take me forever to pay it off but the end result is that I'll have lots of opportunities to improve! It's Easter Sunday and I should be out having a nice dinner with friends and family, but no family here. Just friends who are already preoccupied with their own lives. I guess I'll spend Easter with my new best friend Mr. Nikon! Okay, okay...I'm going to be downing pots after pots of coffee and trying to get my deadline done. Yep, it's true. I have lagged. I guess I should be writing instead of posting so I will take this as a cue to gooooooooooo....

2 Responses to "New career, new toys, new deadlines..."

Kate Willoughby Says :
2:57 PM

Nice camera! I'm envious. Sometimes size matters. :D

Lara Santiago Says :
7:32 AM

Quit playing with your new indulgent toys and get back to work on your writing. :):)
Okay, okay. Nice cameras. You deserve it. Now *whip* back to writing. :)

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