It could only happen to me...

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My sister, her children and I were chatting away at the intersection, waiting for the green light when we get plowed from behind. Needless to say, we spent almost 5 hours in the ER. Walked away with whiplash, but it could have been much worse. I find life comical. I can't seem to ever have normalcy. There's always chaos that follows at my heels. Of course, I'm not going to let that interfere with my writing. The only thing that would deter my creativity is me. It's nearing 1:00AM and I'm not sleepy. Listening to good music (Joni Mitchell) and making the most of my crazy day. Of course, got to spend time with my buds Kristen and Lara Santiago made my evening even though I had popped 5 ibuprofrens.. Yep, pain killed! I found out the universe is a silly trickster. Most people know that I am a cover artist for Liquid Silver Books...well, tonight I discovered that I had designed the cover of Dolce & Diana for Cassidy forward...I just discovered tonight that the man on the cover is my friend JULIAN! How freaky is that? To have this beautiful man adorn my cover and not know it's someone I know!!!! hehe...I couldn't get over that fact. Jeez, you would think we would figure that out. So, as I try to get into the writing mood I have been itching to get another tattoo..yep, it's an addiction. I think if I got another one it's going to be my last! Yes, I can do it.

Now, back to writing....

3 Responses to "It could only happen to me..."

Eva Gale Says :
9:18 AM

Ohh I was watching Miami Ink last night asn still trying to figure out hat I want.

And freaky weird, I was WANTING to listen to Joni Mitchell.

jax Says :
10:14 PM

I knew we were on the same level. I've got a surprise for you. I went to the hairdresser today....

Lillian Feisty Says :
11:37 PM

Let's get tattoos toget in Dallas. You're right. It IS an addiction.

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