My favorite pics from RT

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Kristen, Moi, Bill, and Lara at the Moulin Rouge party

Moi, Tawny and Eden showing our goods

So many great pics to choose from, but I just love these two!

What am I up to? Babysitting pre-teens, babysitting babies, cleaning house and not sleeping. I just got off the plane this morning and haven't slept in 48 hours so now I feel like a walking zombie while I'm here in Orlando. Tomorrow I have a full day planned which will end up in me gorging on all you can eat Crazy Buffet! Don't ask. I'm going to be meeting Kristen, her hotrod, and Lara! It's going to be great fun. Believe me, this isn't a vacation. I've started a new project and I can't seem to stop typing. All I want to do is write write write until I get it all out. Obsessive? Sure, but in the long run, it's going to be by far one of my best pieces... or I believe it is.

Only 8:00PM Orlando time but if I can stay up past midnight it's a record on the number of days I haven't slept..except for the time I had to do serious coding when Romance Divas crashed. Good times....

2 Responses to "My favorite pics from RT"

MIchelle (MG) Says :
11:18 PM

OK, I don't know who Bill is but he is HOT! So are the rest of you but Bill? Really, really HAWT!! LOL

jax Says :
7:34 PM

Bill's actually "Andrei Claude", the 2005 Mr. Romance winner for RT. He's a dear friend of mine and I was lucky enough to be his personal assistant this year at RT. Yep...he wasn't hard to look at, either. LOL

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