New beginnings...

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Seems like the Universe has different plans for me. The path I've always followed has been re-routed and now I'm on a new great adventure. Got an incredible job at a company that doesn't lack for social interaction and partying..No kidding! Not only is there an abundance of food and perks, it's exactly the sort of environment I envisioned I'd be in. What a change from my slave driving boss of a month ago!!!! If I told you everything this current company offers you'd be jealous! Let's just say we get chair massages every Friday on top of beer and chips night, softball league, pizza and beer, wine and cheese.... Seriously. Okay, so nothing is glamorous when it comes to the actual job but in a year I should be in a more creative role. I've got a new apartment which I totally painted and re-designed in 3 days! My walls are colored Strawberry Dacquiri, Cherry Cobbler and Cottage Rose. Don't let the names fool you. They're all shades of rich, deep red. It's definitely Jax's Bordello as Lisa has lovingly named it! I'll have to take pics soon and of my housewarming party. I've got a busy schedule ahead of me and my Memorial Day weekend will be a nice getaway...starting over is going to be interesting. Lots of me time and lots of personal growth. When you spend most of your life with others, it's going to be strange being accountable just for yourself. Soooo looking forward to the weekend!

3 Responses to "New beginnings..."

L.K. Campbell Says :
6:11 PM

I'm so happy that your new job seems to be a step in the right/good direction. Best wishes!

Eva Gale Says :
7:37 PM

OMG, I'm jealous. Fleurking chair massages?

You whore, you.

Love the color combo. Passionate colors, just like you.

jax Says :
4:29 PM

Yes, be jealous...I haven't been sober one day this week. LOL

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