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Sometimes we do things because it's time and we can't explain why we have a need to do them...sometimes we hurt those we love in the process. Life is about change and understanding for me. It's about evolving and trying to figure out where your life needs to go. I'm a very spontaneous person with a lot of passion and drive. In fact, sometimes I have too much passion which leads to chaos. I do things not without much thought and reflection. I'm in the midst of a personal hurricane and although it will affect my environment, I feel it's the best thing for me even if not everyone understands. There are no motives. There is a desire to find myself as an individual so I don't spend the next fifty years of my life feeling lost.

To love is the greatest gift, but to experience a new awakening of the soul in order to love is more profound. Life is too short to let it slip through your fingers without discovering your own truths.

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MIchelle (MG) Says :
6:00 PM

It sounds like you are going through some heavy stuff. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :-D

Sela Carsen Says :
10:54 AM

We love you, Jax!

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