In search of my souffle...

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I find that this search parallels my life...kinda. I've had the best souffle in the world. One I feasted on within the walls of this cozy little restaurant called La Normandie in Orlando. I have to say I was heart broken when a few weeks after I dined there the restaurant closed because the French owners had decided to retire after 50 years!!! Needless to say, I wept for all the lost years without my beloved souffle. Now, fast forward 8 years and I still have not found one damn French restaurant that makes a killer souffle the way I remembered! Tonight, I'm going to go to a trendy restaurant called French Bistro 75, tucked away in the Warner Music building. I'm stoked at discovering they serve my favourite dessert.

So, how does a over blown dessert compare to life? Well, as a kid we have fond memories of all things newly discovered as "wonderful". Every bit of experience relates to discovery: taste, smell, touch, sight. All elements recorded in our teeny heads. Comparison is an evil device. Nothing compares to those experiences once you've tasted heaven. That's how I feel about my souffle. For five minutes while I indulged, closing my eyes and etching the tantalizing taste in my soul..I find I can not help comparing. I have ruined myself by comparing my souffles when it could be equally good from other restaurants, yet it's so easy to overlook.

We are all stubborn creatures. Maybe we should not over analyze. Maybe be should stop comparing. Well, that's the smartest thing my brain has ever said to me...

7 Responses to "In search of my souffle..."

Sela Carsen Says :
10:22 AM

So, how was the souffle?

jax Says :
10:36 AM

On a scale of 1-10 I would say a 7, which is the closest I've gotten to loving souffles her in LA so far...I did see Dana Carvey! The highlight, raspberry champagne concoction called the Marie Antoinette! Then again, a bottle of pinot noir always makes the night!

Sela Carsen Says :
10:59 AM

Souffle, Dana Carvey and a Marie Antoinette -- sounds like a successful night!

MIchelle (MG) Says :
11:23 AM

The best souffle I ever had was in LA. Can't remember what is was called now but you did have to wait 20 minutes for it and it was so worth it. Barbara Eden was dining there that night as well. Oh, I so wish I could remember the name of that restaurant so you could go try it.

MIchelle (MG) Says :
11:24 AM

Oops - the souffle was called chocolate! LOL I meant I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant in LA. I can see it in my head but not the name. I believe at the time we were staying at a JW Mariott somewhere (now maybe a Renaissance, Mariott keeps switching them).

jax Says :
11:43 AM

Michelle...I am going to hunt that place down and find it. I'm committed to going to every french restaurant in LA to find the perfect souffle.. :) I know I'll find it sooner than later. was a very successful night and I'm definitely coming back for the appetizers and happy hour!

MIchelle (MG) Says :
12:18 PM

Wait - I'm not sure it was a French restaurant (sadly). The name just came to me (I think). Is there a place named Jimmy's? Or something like that? That Hollywood types would go to? Maybe I'm wrong. I've asked my Dad to send me the info since I'm pretty sure it was him I went with.

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