Rock On...

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Life's too short. I've got too much in the pipeline. I'm a bit exhausted and I still have a lot of work to organize. When will I have more than a nanosecond of a day free? God knows. I seem to get my time booked up pretty fast. Don't know how it happens but it does. This is basically my weekend. Thursday fundraise more for my bowl-a-thon charity event Friday. Friday I bowl as Team Captain (time to paint my t-shirt!). Saturday I'm BBQ-ing at Eden's house and taking pose shots for my illustrations. Sunday, a photoshoot! Gotta build up the porfolio. Monday, meeting friends after work. Tuesday, going to a play. much more but it's nearing midnight and I'm getting exceedingly sleepy. It's been a bizarre day. Don't want to get into it. I need some R& least 4th of July is around the corner. What should I do? I have an idea, but I have to calculate, plan, and maybe execute....

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Eva Gale Says :
1:50 PM

You did your hair BLUE. BLUE.

Crazy broad.

jax Says :
1:54 PM

So's beautiful-mous! My bowling team is sooo cool! I'm going to put up the logo...

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