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Sometimes you respond to an email and find out that you royally F--ed up.. Like for instance today.. Open mouth, insert foot. I received an email response to something I wrote on a particular loop and the next thing I realize I had responded to what I seemed to think was a personal communication now has been public knowledge. Of course, there are many folks pissed with me, but what can I do but be firm with my opinions. Sure I'm known to be a bitch..but I've tried to be diplomatic. I am certain I've made enemies but then I think that this may be a relief to get things off my chest. Man, I'm good at instigating issues...C'est la vie...anyone have advice for damage control? :)

On another note, at least I didn't have to go to the ER. I thought I was dying of some foul disorder yesterday. Woke up feeling like shit. Cold chills, the shakes, temperature, nauseous, coughing, name it..I felt it. Small wonder I was able to drive home. I got in at 7:30PM and guzzled some Nyquil, crawled into bed and passed out cold. I remember two friends calling me and in my delirium I spoke to them. How, I don't know...all I know is that I woke up feeling slightly better but still harbor minor issues...sigh, when will the sickness end???

Did I mention I may have scored an artshow next year at an art gallery??? Yes, it's true folks! Now I must bust butt to get some pieces to show them....A real LA show (0kay, it's really Pasadena but that's only a matter of geography. LOL)!!!! YAY!

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Gossip!? I want gossip!! :-)

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