Corporate chaos

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It should be an easy thing to jump back into work after a week of partying and spending money...NOT. I realize how much I hate working for a corporation regardless of how much I make or what kind of perks I'm eligible for. It's a terrible situation to come back to chaos, new projects and tasks slipping through the cracks. Got my first reprimand today by the boss I really like. How am I suppose to tell her my heart isn't in a paper pushing position that doesn't help broaden the mind? Sigh. Of course, I must improve or I won't get the stellar bonus I'm wanting in December. My half-year goal is to finish my bloody re-writes on GHOSTHUNTER by end of September and sell it to a NY Publisher. Land me a superagent and quit my 9 to 5. It can happen, or at least I will be damn sure I'll make it happen. Started a new routine. Write at least 2 hours a night, wake up at 4:00 AM to write an 1 1/2, go to work and start all over again. By my own personal deadline I should be ready to polish the sucker and get it sent out and wait for history to happen...Maybe cranking up My Chemical Romance is a good thing. Morbid, angry, and impassioned.

I'm going home and uncorking a bottle of wine tonight. Don't even get me started on bills and such...grrrr....

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