Highs and Lows after conference

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First off..Happy B-Day, C!

It's now three days after conference and I really am going through Diva withdrawal (as well as working blues). What a fun experience to have everyone in one spot even for a few days! There was a lot of great partying and bonding during the festivities. A few tear-jerkers and group hugs...Some people I had the pleasure of spending more time with than others, but every year I notice I'm with different folks for the duration...that's what is so great about conference. The ability to get to know the group. I would attend more conferences if I could afford it. For now, I'm penny pinching. Finally, I'm getting my priorities straight..I think. LOL

On a sadder note...It's still tough just losing a friend...Although I'm still grieving for the losses in my life this year I wanted to say a few words about Ronda Thompson...

Ronda was so much fun, full of life and energy. She was a great inspiration and mentor. She would always give me email pep talks about finishing GHOSTHUNTER and following my writing dreams. She believed in me..which makes me want to weep everytime I think of her. But of course I choose to celebrate her...Life is short, life is precious. I think that even as an accomplished writer, she had a lot of doubts about her own talents. I don't know why..she was brilliant! I loved the Wulf's of London series and so thankful she was able to complete it. These books will be even more valuable to me as they gave me a reason to continue writing during very dark periods in my life. I am thankful to have known her and I will cherish the memories with her. From knowing her, I feel she will always be a positive impact in my life and she is the reason I'm breathing life back into GHOSTHUNTER....

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