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I have been discovering lots of sweet nuggets...musicians that are around but others aren't aware of who are very good...these songs set the mood for my writing. When I am writing dark I tend to listen to very sad and dark music that is full of angst or sensuality. I think the combination makes for a great H/H love story. Ghosthunter is such an emotionally charged piece about close calls, enduring separation, and fighting desires. It's also about friendship, strength, and confidence. I love this story, it's been in my head for over 15 years and although shows like Buffy, Xena, Angel, Highlander have spurred me to finally write the's still a very scary endeavor. My characters are as real to me as my friends. I've talked to them and have heard their stories. I know that it will be done, it will sell, it will be loved or least I will finally feel relief when I get it completed by the end of September. There are times when I want to just quit but then I think about all those readers out there who would miss out on this fantastical universe and it gives me hope to revive the story again. Perhaps since this is so close to my heart, it's actually the hardest to want to finish. Like many writers I've seen, I feel that some are afraid of success. They are afraid to be stuck under deadlines, afraid of fame, afraid of the unknown. I'm not going to be one of them. I'm going to follow in the footsteps of those great authors I love and am envious of and I'm going to see my GHOSTHUNTER series on the shelves. I promise you that!

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Cassandra Says :
3:10 PM

I know I'll see it, too. Jax. Heck, I've already seen it in my dreams. Of course, why the universe enjoys letting me see all my friend's books on store shelves even before the contract is signed, I have no idea.

Are U listening Universe? C.C. wants a vision of good things for herself once in a while! LOL Maybe you can dream my Pulitzer for me? LOL

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