I have ADD

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I really have ADD. Attended a meeting today and couldn't stay focused..I doodled, daydreamed about vacation spots, and thought about re-organizing my apartment. I'm such a sad case. Thank goodness these meetings are monthly otherwise I'd be bored to tears. I'd rather get my leg picked off by a pihrahna...well, maybe not to that extent, but I'd consider it. So next time you talk to me and my eyes start to glaze over and I jump topics, it's not because I don't care...I do. My attention span is only limited to artistic stuff so be forewarned...

On another note...I actually have someone who hated the cover I made...that's a new one for me. LOL I was starting to get self-assured. Now I have to re-do the darn thing and re-submit. You'd think these writers don't have options..but apparently they do at this particular e-publisher. Oh well, there's a first for everything. Granted, if an author would be clear to begin with I wouldn't have made a cover they hated. So if you have a questionaire sheet, please fill it out correctly. I'm assuming when someone wants "dark", I'm going to choose dark images and colors. Another pet peeve when they say "dark" and mean "sexy". What about cover samples to go by. I can't read minds. They don't tell me what fonts they want so I'm going to wing it. Yes, I'm a bit bitchy. You would be too if you spent a few hours and found out they don't mean what they mean...got it? Just a word of advice that when you submit forms to be as detailed as possible...that's my bitchfest of the day...

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Kate Willoughby Says :
10:36 PM

I always am afraid my cover sheet request forms are TOO long. But then I tell myself, that it's better they have too much info than too little.

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