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I'm a KLUTZ! I can't believe I've sprang my foot three days before conference! You know what that means? I can't wear my uber cute high heels...which translates to everyone towering over me moreso than usual! I was so looking forward to changing out shoes to match my outfits...sigh...I need a double shot of espresso. Thank you very much.

On a brighter note, 4th of July was fantastic! I spent the day with Eden and her significant other, Bernard, my buddy Mark, as well as our friends Andy & Gael. We had a blast with BBQ, booze and great music. I even got a shade darker. Thankfully so, as I've not been laying out for about 2 years now and could have blended in with my sheets. I woke up this morning realizing I also got burnt! I never burn. Yikes...oh well, I'll know better to use a higher SPF next time.

I've been obsessed with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! I love that I write my grand, these songs take me to a very dark and depressed place full of emotion. I love it! Besides BRANDI CARLILE, I've found a story to hang on to and keep the momentum of the mood. I think that it's important to hang on to the any good actor, as long as I don't let it consume me on a realistic level. I am writing at a snail's pace, but it's good to know that I still have it. This will be my debut and I want every word to count...

What gets you in the mood?

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