Deadlines, broken toliets, and inspiration?

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I am guilty. I took the day off to finish my deadlines. Of course, nothing ever runs smoothly when I am being responsible. I flushed the toilet and it kept running. NO, I DID NOT STOP IT UP AGAIN... this time it was leaking. The tank kept rising higher and higher until it flooded my bathroom floor :( Of course, I did not know which way to shut off the water. I turned it one way, then the other. Finally I successfully maneuvered the shut off... I made it to the manager's office and this nice, kind woman who normally loves me gave me a look that said "not again." How can I defend myself? I am but a lone gal who does not know anything about plumbing. Oh well, she'll get over it and when I move out she will be lost and sad that I am not there to pester her!

On a good front..the words are flowing, the story becoming more vivid. I have written for what seemed like days and I hope the end is near. I should be getting back to the project..yes, I am going. I am running as fast as I can....funny how inspiration has touched me when everything around me is going down the shitter...haha! I think I made a joke.

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bellamy Says :
7:30 AM

Golden rule : universally (I think...), clockwise to shut down, counter-clockwise to open.

Useful to remember in case of emergency. ;)

PS : as for screwdriving... clockwise to screw it in, counter-clockwise to screw it out.

PPS : you're lucky... in my appartment, I can't shut down the main water pipe if I need to because it's in another place and I don't have the key to reach that place. In case of leaking, I'm in big trouble !
Crazy (I mean, french ! ;))...

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