A new record

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20+ hours
6 cups of coffee
80 pages
20,000 words

That was my day yesterday! I am proud to say I will be done with my deadline when I finish 30 pages tonight..then off it goes to the editor and I will no longer see my baby again..why? I have missed my deadline and due to time constraints I have no option to edit... :( Of course, that makes me nervous. I hope my voice will not be lost if there are major edits.....

I WILL NEVER EVER PROCRASTINATE AGAIN! In this case, it wasn't really procrastination but a case of "that's life"! I am proud of myself and I have broken my own record of 65 pages in one day!

Yawn. I think I have carpal tunnel....

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Kristen Painter Says :
7:54 AM

Really? You'll never procrastinate again? lol Um...okay...

Now take some time to recover.

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