Holidays at my home...

Author: Jax Cassidy // Category: like a soap opera with lots of gossip, scandal, and corruption. Of course, I'm the one doing the corrupting. I've been here all of 4 days and managed to caused havoc as the 'crazy aunt' who is way too LA...then, I've put peer pressure on my newly 21 year old nephew to share in my drinking festivities, as well as telling him to follow his dream as a graphic designer and dump the boring Finance degree! Yes, his parents will ban me from ever seeing their children again!!!! :)

Okay, so Christmas Eve was a blur of too much BBQ, alcohol, and jacuzzi. I'm fine with that. It's nice to see everyone again, but not so nice to see that even my 13 year old neice is at least 4 inches taller than I am. Sigh. Oh well, I've even gotten roped into being the family photographer!

Can't stay long because I've got a Smirnoff Ice waiting for me and the hot tubs steaming... oh, computer arrived in LA!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays my sweets!

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Eva Gale Says :
11:09 AM

there is a swath of artists in your path...

Happy Holidays, bud.

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