Holiday Itch

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I can get the hell out of dodge early today and hopefully be home in time to get my new computer from Fedex! Okay, I can officially say I'm partied out! I have gone to 6 holiday parties in 2 weeks...then there is one more in January!!! Not to mention the real holiday celebration at my parent's house and the New Year's Eve festivities...gosh, I need to check into AA when I get back. LOL -- Thanks for the onslaught of wine bottles everyone! You're only feeding my addiction.... :)

I can't recap 2007 yet, but it's been one of those strangely bizarre years and everything feels like a psychedelic dream. I have my fingers crossed that 2008 will turn around for me. What are some of my plans in the new year? I've got 12 months to grow out my hair to donate for Locks of Love. I think this is the first time in 10 years that I let my hair grow out again....I'm also doing a bunch of charity events including an art show, some extreme sports and what ever else my friends drag me into doing. I will also be focusing hard on my writing...

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe holiday! Be sure to appreciate your loved ones and tell them so because life is too short not to. Peace. Love.

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