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Every year we celebrate my father's birthday on Dec. 24th and then the festivities really kick off on the 25th. Imagine a houseful of kids ranging from 3 - 14 running around trying to get to their presents lined under the tree and stacked on furniture. Yes, folks, we have a lot of grandkids and this year some of my brothers and their family are coming down for a visit as well. So, there will be about 50 people or so.... YIKES! I'm probably going to have a nervous breakdown. Chances are I'll grab my dad and just tote him around town, otherwise I'll be stuck with babysitting duty. I really didn't ask Santa for anything for Christmas. I did get the computer, so I'll be happy with that for a long while... I have been debating moving out of my cozy little apartment so as much as I dread it, I look forward to a bigger space where I can paint again. I'm going to wrangle all my friends together this time around so it will be a smoother transition! I'll know if you all turn off your phones!

Okay, 2008 will mark a brand new chapter in my life. Not only is my divorce final in two short weeks but the crazy workaholic has decided to kick back a bit. I'm also going to get more disciplined with my writing. I think I burned myself out the last few months so in an effort to re-focus...I will be working on a personal metamorphosis. It's good to do that every few years. I'm slowing down... You've heard it from me.... I will set a list of priorities and try not to over extend myself. Things are back in perspective now and I may just take that overseas trip in 2008 that I've always wanted... okay, that's depending on how much my July bonus will be in 2008 after the 45% tax deduction! Ouch... As for conferences I think RWA in San Fran may be my last one for a while unless I have a ton of things to promote. I'm looking towards book tours and media promotions to get my new name out there. I would be saving at least $5,000 a year if I didn't go to RT & RWA, in which I would rather put it towards marketing. Okay, I'll go to Nashville and NYC for RWA... after my last conference, it's kind of daunting to see $800 worth of drink bills at the bar! :) LOL what can I say, writer's are lushes... in this case.. this writer is indeed one! I've resorted to stocking up bottles of wine when they go on sale and just savoring them in the comfort of my own home without needing to tip! :)

I'm counting down the days until I am off on vacation!!!! Duties and responsibilities will just have to wait!

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Courage ! :)

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