Romance Divas has a temp Forum up!

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Here's the temporary location of the new forum:


And now a message from our diva admins--PLEASE READ!

1. Yes, we know it's not the right color, that will get fixed soon.

2. I've had to reset all the permissions, so if you can't access something you could before, you're not being punished, it just needs to be reset.

3. This is the newest version of the board, so there may be some new features we don't all know about yet.

4. Due to the board being whacked out, some spammers have probably gotten in. Let a mod know about them and they'll be zapped into oblivion as soon as possible.

5. Any other problems/bugs/etc will be worked out in the next few days.

6. If an Admin does not respond to you, we are not ignoring your requests. This only means we are most likely on vacation and will contact you when they return. So have patience and we will be back on track in 2008!

Happy Holidays!
Romance Divas Admins

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