Dieting. What dieting?

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I packed on a few pounds over the holidays but because of my cold I've had no appetite for a few, I've lost those pounds I've packed! :)

Okay, I'm not that big to begin with but as a petite person it is easy to feel crappy when the jeans start feeling snug. My buddy Miz D. and I have decided to go on a health diet. She's got a three-page sheet on this new diet Anti-Estrogenic Diet! Doesn't sound too appealing for me and don't know if I'd follow it. I may just find one of my own to go with...all the same, this year I'm hell-bent on getting in shape. I want those 4-pack abs I used to have and planning to stick with it! Maybe I'll pick back up on yoga or Pilates.

Anyway...I am sifting through crap to destroy and give away or sell before I leave LA. Let me tell you how stressful that can be. I'm only doing a little each day but it's a little sad and a little bit of a weird. I hope I'll get finished with everything that I need to by the end of February. It seems like a long way off but I know it's going to go quickly. The years always fly after you hit 21, I tell ya!

I don't want to think about leaving LA because there are so many things I love about it....ENOUGH, time to catch up with work!

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Gemma Halliday Says :
6:57 PM

How is it that when I'm sick, I gain weight, and when you're sick, you lose? So unfair.

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