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I'm really dragging today. One too many Luscious Lips can be a health hazard. My company is throwing a party for me at THE ARSENAL...yep, the name really describes what's inside the bars. Weapons on the walls as ornaments and a cool lounge with a retro look of striped black and white seats. It's a hip dive that's been around for 25 years and it still draws in a crowd. I think I'm over wines and moving onto the good stuff. It's supposed to be a good turnout and even if it isn't, my best girlfriends will be there to make fun of me and buy me a few rounds of drinks. I love my G-crew and they are going to be forever a part of my lives. Already BITTER BABE, HARLEM and a few others are going to be coming to Miami Beach for a weekend in May and I'll be flying there to meet up with them! It's going to be a fun, good time. CHICAGO will be stopping in to visit before going to see her mum later this year. It's cool how many of my friends have family in my new neck of the woods. Thank goodness for technology. I couldn't live without emails and cell phones!

This is going to be such a busy month for me. I just realized that I will have to re-adjust to my new lifestyle. I've been working since I could reach the counter! To think that I'm going to have plenty of time on my hands is a bit scary. What does that even feel like? Heck, I get to sleep in! That's a novelty.

Things are just getting better and better....

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Eva Gale Says :
6:52 PM

I didn't know you could reach the counter yet...maybe in heels, you mean. And then on your tip toes.

Don't be hatin. ;-)

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