Be good to our Earth...

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I'm big on helping the environment when I can..even if it's not much, I do my part. I drive a Prius (which I totally love!), I pick up trash when someone misses the trashcan, I recycle, I don't try to waste paper and I am all about getting a "green" (Eco-friendly) home someday. My previous company, Gensler, was a big advocate of sustainable design and applied it to all their projects. Thanks to them, I learned something valuable and will take that knowledge with me for years to come.

You think you can't help? Think again. There are little things that we can do that will help out.. My girlfriend owns a site called Green Is Sexy and it tells you different ways to save the planet. If everyone can do just one of those things, it will make a difference! You might not think so but the planet will love you for it....

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