Quick Fix

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I don't know why but I really want to see this movie! Who can resist Jet Li and Jackie Chan? They're adorable! I grew up on their movies as a child. before they made a name for themselves in American cinemas. It's interesting that they have become a household name and I think deservedly so. Humor is the best medicine and these days, I NEED IT!

I'm so close to finishing my manuscript that I can taste it. Sigh. When I do, I'm treating myself for dinner and a movie! I would say 'spa' but that will be when I get my NY contract :)

How can I function sleeping at 4:00 AM almost every night and waking up soooo very early? I don't know, but there is this strength inside of me that tells me to keep going, that it will all be worth it soon.

I hope so because sometimes it hard to believe. Especially when the tunnel I'm traveling through seems to show no sign of the light at the end....but I keep going.

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