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What do you do when you need a little creative push? Well, you watch the entire first season of BONES. Yep, it's true. I was in a vegetative state as I watched episode after episode. This is by far one of the most engaging shows out there and I still have 2 more seasons. I'll have to make sure to do it after my deadlines, though. What I love about the show is the witty dialogue between the characters and the obvious love story between Booth and Bones. It's really brilliant to see good writing and helps me sort things out in my own dialogue...let's not forget the real reason women watch the show...two words: David Boreanz. I rest my case.

2 Responses to "Bones"

Robin Says :
11:30 PM

Oh, Bones is one of my favorite shows! I've loved David since Buffy. Glad you're enjoying it. And it just gets better!

Kate Willoughby Says :
8:24 PM

FYI, my friend's husband makes the dead bodies and other various special effects for that show. ;)

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