Oooh...I hate it...

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My sisters and I were driving to lunch when I noticed the passenger door of a car that was stopped at the left turn lane open up and the woman threw out a large McDonald's drink cup in the middle of the intersection. Then, these hooligans proceeded to move forward as if they didn't give two shits about the environment, running over the cup as they peeled away. I was so pissed off I wanted to chase after them and scream not so nice things. People like these inconsiderate assholes are the reason why the earth is being destroyed. It wasn't like this was the trashy area of town...Contrary, it was a newly developed and spotlessly clean section of town. Not that I would condone them littering in a more rundown area..but I was just steamed about it. There was at least a dozen public trash cans available and still they chose to litter. Honestly, if I had been driving I would have picked up the cup, driven after them and thrown it into their car! I'm upset I couldn't stop to pick up the trash because of the dangers of being run over, but I wonder why some people feel they have the right to do these things. It's just sad!!!!!

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