I have a confession...

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I'm not going to lie. I am ADDICTED to Grey's Anatomy. There, I said it. I never watched tv much until I moved to Florida..now that I'm here, I've discovered that I'm going through this new transition and all this free time is a kind of therapy. This show is therapy. It's engaging and helps me escape the stresses of the world. I don't know about you, but being in my mid-thirties, it's a milestone. I think back and wonder why I pursued the career I'm in now...why not medicine? I think I would have made a great pediatrician. Why not broadcast journalism? That was my original major because I had dreams of being an ET reporter...those days are gone, but I've decided that it's never too late and so I'm embarking on a new journey this year on top of my writing career...why not? I figured you only have one life and you should take advantage of it.

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Lara Santiago Says :
2:27 PM

I'm also addicted to Grey's Anatomy.
There, I said it too. :)
I watch way too much tv and it sounds like you're well on your way to the dark side with me. Muwahaha
Do you watch any of the following:
CSI (original in Las Vegas)
The Closer
Burn Notice
Apparently I can only watch shows with single word or very short titles. :)

jax Says :
5:40 PM

I love HOUSE and BONES! I haven't watched the other shows..maybe CSI once or twice...I tried watching the first episode of MOONLIGHT once but I hear it's gotten cancelled. Not good writing, I'm afraid. I'll have to rent Burn Notice when it's available because I never got to see it...man, I feel like a slacker.

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