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I've been busy working on my YA and it's starting off well. My niece read the first five pages and has given me the thumbs up that she likes it and the premise! YAY for me, which she is my demographic! At least I'm doing something write. I'm hoping to finish this project by Monday night if all goes well. Of course, I've got several things planned to participate in this week for my chapter and going to a Super Saturday conference in the Cocoa Beach area Saturday. Seems like there's always something going on. I haven't been able to write at my favorite cafes because my laptop is having operating system issues. Basically, I need to re-install the operating, if I could only find my original disk! The cross country move has made it difficult to locate anything. Can't even find my suits and some of my favorite clothes! Sigh...

I don't know about you but I just realized next year is my 20-year high school reunion!!!! Yikes! I have participated in my 10-year in 1999 and it was a total blast, but 20 YEARS! Has it been that long already? Some folks weren't able to make the 10-year but I am wondering if they will come this next go around if it's being organized. I hope it will take place. I loved my high school and had good times there...sorry, took a moment to digest that I'm in my mid-thirties.

Well, growing up in a small town was amazing. You really do get to know EVERYBODY. You get to see everyone's personality come out and where each person was heading in school popularity. It's those moments that are great for writing about. Most of my classmates were kids I went to elementary school with and it's sad that I didn't keep in touch with them after graduating. It didn't help that I moved out of state senior year but the school still invited me to participate. Good times.

What about you have a reunion coming up? Any good juicy stories? Wanna walk down memory lane... I may just walk down with you...

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Eva Gale Says :
10:53 AM

I totally refuse to go to my reunion. No tthat my class has had any. I've checked, and it seems we're all not wanting to see eachother.

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