A great book review!

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I just got a new review for the Lotus Blossom Chronicles from Julie of Queue My Review and it's awesome!

Read the book review HERE!

It's still raining in the, ahem, Sunshine State...but I'm getting used to it since I'm indoors and the sounds of the rain can be comforting at times. Makes me more sleepy than inspired but I'm trying to make it work for me. Well, I'm going to be in Dallas next week for the Fourth of July festivities. I so need this vacation and I hope when I get back I'll be nice and refreshed. Can you believe half a year is over already?

Okay, I'm thinking up a good contest so I'll share when I figure it out...

2 Responses to "A great book review!"

Kelly Gay Says :
11:18 AM

Ooh, nice review! I love the "rich, dreamy quality" and "lyrical and lush". Very, very cool. Congrats!

jax Says :
9:19 AM

I loved the review too! Whenever I get one of those I just feel like someone out there actually thinks I'm a good writer...get used to author insecurity...it comes with the writing territory.. but I wouldn't trade my career for anything in the world!!!! I love writing!

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