Mid-year resolution

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I woke up this morning and decided that I'm going to get a super-agent and a NY publishing contract by New Years 2009, even if it kills me. Well, not literally, but you know what I'm talking about...I think it's time to kick my writing career into high gear. After all, I've got 4 print books (soon to be 6 by next year) and 7 novellas under my belt. I think I'm warmed up enough to follow the path that my girlfriends have taken to international publication. 2008 started out very bizarre and exciting! I watched a lot of my close friends realize their writing dreams. Five friends landed 2-4 book deals as first time authors, and 4 of my pubbed friends got offered additional contracts, then there is one amazing friend who landed a screenwriting gig and waiting on a greenlight for her pilot. With the fantastic momentum, I hope to be the next up for something great. I have faith it's my time. I should have been looking for an agent sooner..well, I did have an agent that lasted a full month before I left him, but that really doesn't count. It felt good for two seconds. :) Well, I'm working hard this weekend to get my proposal done for my urban fantasy and I'm really close. I want to send it out in about a week or so. I have decided to get back on schedule and make myself more productive...I know, I should seriously be working on my book deadline, but I'll get it done...I always do.

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Eden Bradley Says :
6:56 PM

Yay Jax-you can do it! You WILL do it!

Robin Says :
10:16 AM

I KNOW you will do it too! You've got the talent and the drive, so I know you're going to make it BIG. :) Best wishes always!

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