Storms A-Brewin'

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Florida's been raining every day it seems and as much as I love it, sometimes it can be a little jarring. Well, the heavens opened up and I witnessed thundering, lightning and winds that blew the trees around. Thankfully it wasn't anything more than a bad storm that lasted about 2-3 hours and now there is a slit of light through the clouds. So unpredictable this moment it is hot as the desert and the next it's flooding our pool. Can I use this as an analogy? I can certainly try. The heat is my writing hump and the rain that overfloweth is the sudden burst of inspiration to push me on...or am I drowning in it? Maybe I suck at analogies but I got a good laugh watching my 6-year old nephew dive under the pillows to hide from the storm, with his DS2, no less. Boys will be boys.

I'm on my last chapter and it's quite a challenge. Anyone who's ever done a proposal may agree with me that they have found comfort in chocolates! For me, I guzzle coffee and ate a full bag of Werther's caramel. I don't really have a sweet tooth, but I can grow to have one. Already the day is almost over and I need to finally write!

Good news, Feisty came out of the surgery with flying colors and now she is heavily medicated with drugs...well, at least she got out of writing for a few days. Lucky her!

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Shari Says :
12:15 AM


The weather is crazy around here, too. At least you are getting rain - we just get clouds and it still hits above 100 degrees every day. (pout) We need some rain, send it to Texas!

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