The Muse is back

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I was feeling a little mopey yesterday and uninspired ... and that's when it happened. There was a story floating around in my head that I decided to morph into a really dark storyline. I always write HEA, so there's no doubt this would be one of the greatest novels I'll ever write. Okay, seeing as I haven't actually written it, but I was able to write the complete outline of the story and it's AWESOME! Maybe sometimes you need those dark periods in order to draw up the most creativity. Sure, every writer has an off day, it's only natural, but when we do come to our senses...the world is a much brighter place. Even if I'm writing dark.

I have another book signing today and I'm really excited about it. I love meeting readers or even non-readers, there is a proud moment when I'm holding my book in my hands. Knowing that I am, in fact, an author! I am so estatic knowing that my words will be read and whether the reader likes it or not, I will have a fair shot at gaining an audience. Of course, the more I write, I believe that I can only get better. My only hope is that the readers can feel the love I have in my story and characters. I truly do write because I know the characters are dying to have their own happy ending...They deserve it.

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Leigh Royals Says :
11:06 AM

How wonderful! I love that you are so versatile. You can harness that creativity, good for you. Come to Myrtle Beach for a book signing. That would be great. I could get you a radio interview, possibly....

Kelly Gay Says :
9:17 AM

Great to hear your muse is smokin' :D Have fun writing!

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