The unspoken truth...

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Just finished sending in the final edits so my book can go to press! WOOHOO! It's such a wonderful feeling to re-read your material and see what you've created. I'm going to have to say this manuscript is the most important one I've ever written. Why? First off, it marked the true beginning of my solo writing career. While I was working on this single title contemporary, I had been going through a really turbulent time in my own life and it's reflective in this book. I related to the heroine and her unstable conscience as well as her belief in working out her own problems. When I finished this book, it was as if a weight lifted from my shoulders and I had grown as much as my unpredictable heroine. No matter how my book will be received by reviewers, I will still feel it is one of my greatest accomplishments because it was a personal journey I needed to take. There were times when I didn't have the strength to write and my confidence was at an all time low. I was so ready to give up and didn't think I'd wanted to write again because life was just too painful. In a way, the writing became my therapy. I learned a lot about myself and my own internal strengths. The odds were stacked against me but I did it, I weathered the storm...

It's a proud moment for me and I hope that everyone who reads ART OF SENSUALITY will see that my heart was really in this book. Surely I wish I had been able to execute one or two things differently but it's every writer's insecurity to be a perfectionist. With time, I hope my readership will stay with me and see my own growth as a writer. No one is perfect but I will continue to write what is in my heart and continue to write those happily-ever-afters that women dream about.

I feel truly blessed that all my dreams are finally starting to come true...

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Kwana Says :
1:35 PM

Wonderful post. Congratulations Jax!

Kelly Gay Says :
10:32 AM

YAY! Congratulations! Can't wait to read it! I know it's going to be great! :D

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