A very brief hiatus...

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In an effort to get all my work done, I've decided to take a break from blogging for a week or two...but knowing me...I might just sneak back here and there if it's really big news...which I'm hoping I'll get...but that's for another blog.

Here I am, inundated with deadlines and just found out I have just added another project to the plate! Wow, I need to stop sending proposals every time I get an idea. But I can't help loving my publisher for believing in me!!!!

This weekend is a productive writing weekend, in fact, the rest of my days will be filled up with writing...eating, sleeping, breathing...that and finishing websites I owe people...life is so tough, I tell ya! In an effort not to have a nervous breakdown, I will be turning off the socializing and locking myself in my quarters like Stephen King does and just write.

Now, if only I can make a living as a writer...that would make things so much more simpler... :)

Enjoy the peace and quiet!

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Caryn Caldwell Says :
2:07 PM

Good luck with it! It seems like August is a busy time in the blogosphere; writing and visits are both down this time of year. Happy writing.

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