Gustav and big welcome!

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I've only been back in Florida six months now and already I've seen my fair share of rainy days and hurricane watch reports... now that this is actively hurricane season, there's no lack of excitement around here! As Gustav spares Florida, it's really doing a number on Louisiana...those folks aren't catching a break! :( Maybe all this is messing with my writing chi!

Right now we're monitoring Hanna to make sure she's not going to ruin our weekend but it makes me kind of miss earthquakes in LA...okay, in terms of natural distasters, I'd pass on both please..but since I'm already here, I'm thinking it's a great premise for a short story. Oh, I've already done one about hurricanes. LOL

I'm on a cleaning binge. I've decided that since this is my birthday month, I should start a new kind of resolution. Don't know what just ultimate goal is to get a great agent and a NY contract by December..hummmm, that sounds pretty darn good to me. So, after I get my office all cleaned and spotless, I'm going to tackle my deadline...once I get that over with, I will be in the right mindset to get my goals going....

2 Responses to "Gustav and big welcome!"

Abi Says :
8:25 PM

Great post Jax! This weather has been ridiculous. Good luck on that resolution, I always make them, but never actually keep them.

Robin Says :
7:56 AM

Best wishes reaching all your goals! I know you'll do it! And stay safe during Hanna - I hope it touches ground far from you (and everyone else.) Happy cleaning. :)

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