I'm at Barnes & Noble!!!!

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BREAKING NEWS...I can't believe it! I've arrived. Sniff..sniff. What a great holiday present for me!

I am so proud.

8 Responses to "I'm at Barnes & Noble!!!!"

Abigail Says :
8:39 AM


Rhonda Stapleton Says :
11:12 AM

WONDERFUL! Go toast this event with a ridiculously expensive glass of champagne. You deserve it!!

Louisa Edwards Says :
1:51 PM

That's so exciting! Face out, too! Awesome.

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
2:01 PM

Whoo Yoo!, Happy dance.

Gina Black Says :
9:12 AM

Congratulations!! How wonderfully exciting. :)

Robin Says :
11:25 AM

Woot! Congratulations! :)

jax Says :
9:15 PM

Thanks everyone! I'm still happy about that and can't wait until I get a NY book on the shelves...more because of the mass coverage and exposure! :)

Ember Says :
8:40 AM

Happy holidays - what a great way to start it off.

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