Lost and may never be found

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I can think of one other time in my life when I got my purse stolen and everything I owned was in that thing..that was over a decade ago and I still didn't learn my lesson. Now I've seen a repeat of past mistakes. On Thanksgiving Day, I was rushing around getting last minute items I must have dropped my wallet or gotten pick-pocketed. It's the holidays and in the hustle and bustle of the festivities, you don't pay attention as you should. Granted I'm a moron for putting all my ID in there. I had shopping $$$$, my SS, insurance card, and credit cards in it as well. Normally I don't carry my SS card. I should have followed my instincts and put it away a few weeks ago but I just never remembered to do it. Okay, I should be really pissed that I spent a whole day trying to get new ID, file a police report, call all the credit agencies--only to discover nothing was open due to the holidays, so I have to wait until Monday to get things sorted out. I think because of the financial crisis, the holidays...my stupidity will make me an easy target for identity theft. Basically, I handed all my life data to some random stranger, including my bank account info! I was hoping some Good Samaritan will mail it back to me (one can dream). At least I was able to freeze my bank account :)

So, where do I go from here? Well, I just have to call it a loss and start over. I'm glad that I wasn't held up at gunpoint for the items and I'm just thankful that the only thing that's missing is my wallet...so I guess I learned an even more valuable lesson...minimize your personal items and be prepared so this won't happen again!

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Dara Edmondson Says :
5:18 PM

Oh, Jax - you poor thing! I think you can contact the 3 credit reporting agencies via email and ask them to put an alert on your credit file.
So sorry that happened to you.

jax Says :
2:07 PM

Thanks Dara! I am coping. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else. I've done most of the work so hopefully once I get all my IDs I'll feel better.

Katie Reus Says :
5:10 PM

Dang girl, that sucks!! And Dara's right, you can put an alert on all your accounts. I'm pretty sure there's an option that you can do it for like 90 days or something so it's not forever.

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
6:38 PM

Jax honey I'm so sorry.take Dara's advice, the last thing you want is someone stealing your identity. I've had it happen to a family member it's not easy to clean up. I hope you get your ID's back soon. (Hugs)

The Man Says :
11:12 AM

Don't carry Id on your person...you already know who you are.

jax Says :
3:58 PM

I got all my stuff taken care of when I called the police to file a report. I should be well on my way and hopefully no one would think about trying to be me!

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