I'm Oh So Good

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I've finished plotting my urban fantasy novel and it's DARN GOOD, I tell ya! I figured out some new elements that will add to the storyline, also fleshed out some new characters. It's amazing how easy things come back to you. With this renewed writing streak I was able to produce a few pages of my YA urban fantasy, too.

Yes, I'm working on two projects at once! Yes, I know I'm nuts but these projects are NOT vampire books. Hopefully they'll be fresh and engaging...I'm all about creating a new trend so I hope it works.

Well, I've made a list of titles for my YA series and they are awesome. Yeah, I guess this blog today is just about praising myself. Why not? If we can't be proud of what we're doing then we shouldn't be doing it. I haven't been this inspired in a long while and today I feel like I'm finally back on track! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

P.S. I'm talking about Wong Kar Wai's movie MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS at Hooked on Romance...

5 Responses to "I'm Oh So Good"

Louisa Edwards Says :
1:38 PM

Be careful! You think you're starting a new trend and then all of a sudden, books like yours start showing up. It's happening to me. Kristen says chefs are the new vampires. LOL

Jax Cassidy Says :
2:04 PM

I believe. So far I've only encountered like 5 chef novels that I've heard of...but I'm sure you're gonna lead the pack. :)

Kwana Says :
2:30 PM

Good for you! Praise away.

Kelly Gay Says :
5:35 PM

LOL on the two projects at once. I write like that all the time. And praise away! I'm with ya, why not, right?

~tivi jones Says :
8:26 PM

Ego stroking is a healthy and necessary activity! Congrats on your awesome progress.

I swear I'm going to check out "My Blueberry Nights." Jude Law-yum. Thanks for the tip.

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