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I've been having these strange dreams every night and often I wake up, not knowing what is reality and what is a product of my subconscious. During the midst of writing my women's fiction and contemporary romance proposals, I've been thinking about the first paranormal/urban fantasy I wrote. Of course, the first draft was total crap...but I didn't know then what I know now. Yes, we all started somewhere and those days I was a total newbie. I had no idea the proper way to pen this world, no idea how to pour the entire universe into the story without losing the readers. After all, I knew every character and back story in my naturally I would assume others would too. What's so fantastic about this universe is my chance to pull in Chinese mythology, and a touch of Irish folklore. But the most important part of this entire world boils down to one thing, eternal love.

Four years later, and 12 revisions, I'm seeing the manuscript with a different pair of eyes. I thought my love for this genre was gone, but as I re-read the most recent draft--I was proud. Proud of not throwing over fifteen years of world building away. Maybe I put it aside because I was scared of writing it but now I know that this story is too good to be locked away in the inner recesses of my mind. I've got so much of it swirling inside and if I don't write it, no one will ever have a chance to see this world.

This weekend, I've decided to re-plot and re-write this story. Maybe 13 isn't such an unlucky number because, right now, I feel I need to write this.

4 Responses to "World building"

Michael A. Gonzales Says :
3:39 PM

13 is my favorite number...good luck on the story.

Jax Cassidy Says :
4:09 PM

Thanks! It's the re-organizing of ideas that is the biggest problem. The writing bit is much easier. :)

~tivi jones Says :
8:02 AM

Write it, Jax! I love a sexy paranormal work.

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